AP and College Credits

Most HSMSE courses are taught at the advanced, AP and college-level, some of which receive college credit from CCNY. Certain college courses are also offered at CCNY through the College Now program.

Advanced Placement Courses

HSMSE offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses and has changed some courses that were previously offered for college credit to AP courses. All students will complete at least two Advanced Placement courses, as AP World History is the standard 9th and 10th grade social studies course and AP English Literature is the standard 11th grade English course. Most students in the Advanced Engineering Program and Mount Sinai Biomedical Research Program take either AP Statistics or AP Calculus BC during their senior year. Students in the Mathematics Concentration complete both of these courses by graduation. In addition, AP Chemistry and AP German Language are offered.

CCNY College Credits

A number of HSMSE courses are offered for CCNY credit and are taught by HSMSE teachers, who are considered to be adjunct faculty members of City College. These include:

HS Course Title: CCNY Course Title: HSMSE Instructor(s):
Government (H7) Political Science 101 Burgan
Economics (H8) Economics 101 Burgan and Trimarco
Spanish (FS7/8) Introductory Spanish 12200 Martinez
Advanced Physics Physics 20700 Kruckeberg
Pre-Calculus Math 19500 Coulombe and Scheiman
Calculus 1 Math 20100 Coulombe and Scheiman

In order to receive a CCNY transcript for these courses, students must follow certain procedures. In the spring semester, we collect biographical information, including Social Security numbers, from students to create their CCNY accounts. The Social Security number acts as a student’s CCNY identification number. If a student does not provide his/her SS#, then he/she is assigned a random identification number. Having a random identification number may complicate things when the student attempts to transfer his/her CCNY credits to another college. In addition to the biographical information, we distribute and collect completed “Meningitis Response Forms” from the students that the students must submit before they may be registered for a course at CCNY. The form is simple, but it must be signed by a parent/guardian.


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