College Now

College Now is CUNY’s largest school-college partnership with the New York City secondary public school system. The program offers dual enrollment and college-readiness programs in more than 400 NYC high schools and enrolls over 20,000 students annually. In all, there are seventeen campus-based College Now programs which are overseen by a central office. Although the program varies from school to school and campus to campus, they are similar in terms of overall structure, implementation and goals.

HSMSE students have an opportunity to individually sign up for various courses offered by College Now.  Interested candidates can contact Mr. Dolcy at for current information about College Now options. All coursework and follow-up is completely the responsibility of the enrolled student, and parents are encouraged to oversee student planning and research of courses offered.

To learn more about CCNY’s College Now program, visit their website at:

College Now Mission

College Now’s mission is to serve NYC public high students through college credit courses which are aligned with first year study at CUNY, as well as through pre-college courses and activities designed to promote knowledge and awareness of the college-going process and/or increase academic readiness for college.

College Now Priorities


  • Balance the resources of College Now across New York City.
  • Provide college credit courses representative of a first-year college experience.
  • Provide pre-college experiences designed to increase students’ knowledge and awareness of the college-going process and/or increase students’ academic readiness for college level course work.
  • Enroll a Diverse and Representative Population of Students
  • Serve a representative population of DOE students in each program reflecting the demographic profile of partner schools
  • Devise and implement strategies working towards closing the gap in program participation by minority males reflecting their population in partner schools and citywide.


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