Introduction to Academics

Students and faculty member share a informal moment.

Student Achievement at HSMSE
= Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy
= m g h + 1/2 m v2

The hallmark of HSMSE is the effervescent energy of its students. In physics, the mechanical energy of an object is the result of its motion (i.e., kinetic energy) plus the result of its stored energy of position (i.e.,potential energy). This kinetic energy can be found in our classrooms, where active learning and collaborative discussion take place. Potential energy can be generated by stretching, like pulling an arrow into a bow. HSMSE harnesses the potential energy of its students by providing a program rich with opportunities and challenges and teaching that creates a stimulating classroom environment.

Seeing Patterns Across Disciplines
The instructional program at HSMSE is designed to cultivate the ability to access and analyze information, to view the world through multiple perspectives, to make connections and see patterns across disciplines, and to imagine what could be possible. The curriculum encompasses core courses and advanced studies such as writing and composition, history and literature, language, mathematics, science, engineering, economics and music. Our graduates are well prepared to become the next generation of leaders, critical thinkers and innovators in our society.

A Faculty of Life-Long Learners
Approximately thirty-five teachers conduct the academic program for more than 425 students. All of our teachers are considered to be faculty members of The City College of New York. In addition, many of our faculty members teach and have taught at some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. They regularly participate in advanced continuing education programs to keep their knowledge up to date. A number of them have earned doctorates, and virtually all have advanced degrees. Many of HSMSE’s faculty had distinguished professional careers in business, government and other fields before deciding to teach as a second career.


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