Measures of Student Learning (MOSL)

NYC schools have implemented Advance, the teacher development and evaluation system required by New York State regulation 3012-c.

Based on this regulation, 40% of a teacher’s rating will be based on Measures of Student Learning (MOSL). (The other 60% of teacher’s ratings is based on Measures of Teacher Practice/ Observations). Every teacher will have two distinct measures of student learning: a state measure (Regents) that makes up 20% of their total rating, and a local measure that makes up the other 20% of the total rating.

For the MOSL (Measure of Student Learning) Exam, students read two different texts. Most often these texts are excerpts from a memoir or nonfiction source.  Then they are to do the following:

  • Provide two “short answer responses” (1-2 paragraphs each) where they must assess larger meanings in the texts or synthesize ideas from the two different texts.
  • Students then are given a question/prompt and must write a 5-paragraph response, including a counterclaim, in support of an opinion/claim that is voiced in both texts.
  • Students must demonstrate their ability to form an argument and support it using textual evidence and the conventions of academic English.

There is a city/state rubric that is used to assess student responses.  During the school year, teachers use the same rubric to assess student writing in our Freshmen and Sophomore classes throughout the year so that students become familiar with these expectations.  The Junior and Senior classes use the AP English rubric .

The exams are given in October and again in May (as a pre and post diagnostic). Before the May exam, we review the exam format with the kids and do a lesson on the function and purpose of a counterclaim; this is something they tend to be less familiar with.

If you have any additional questions about the exam, please feel free to contact your child’s English teacher and they will provide more information.


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