Summer Assignments

There is no summer assignment for incoming freshmen.

Incoming Sophomores:

AP  World History:

I) Two sets of documents due on the first day of school (Or 2nd depending on A/B day).  Read the secondary source first for background information (Even if you read this during the school year, please look it over again). For the document entitled, “Ready4AP-African Slave-Trade-Primary-DOC” Answer questions 1-4. The questions are on the third page of the document after the introduction.  Answers should be neatly typed.

II) For one of these (Peter the Great of Russia, King Louie XIV of France, Kangxi of China, Toussaint L’Ouverture of Haiti) write:  1) A one paragraph biographical overview .  2) One paragraph about the impact of the individual on World History.

AP  Environmental Science: Chapters  One and Twenty

AP  Chemistry: Chapters 1-3 in Zumdahl textbook


Incoming Juniors:

Summer Assignment


Incoming Seniors:

How to Answer the Most Common Supplement Question j robinson

How to choose a college by Bruni

How To Choose A College That

summer assginment incoming seniors

Supplemental college essay below was written for Oberlin

Supplemental college essay for Duke



AP Deutsch Sommeraufgaben

In order to keep your language skills from regressing too far during the summer break, there are activities that students entering AP German must complete. Please do not wait until the week/day before school begins to start the work! It is best to spread the work out over the entire summer break.

I. You will have a choice of one of the following essays to complete:

1. Write an essay about one interesting thing you did this summer. This should be more than a choppy list of activities! It should use transition words between sentences and paragraphs. Highlight one activity and expand on it. You can explain how you felt, what you thought, compare it with something else, etc.

The composition should be a minimum of 200 words and be grammatically correct. Please use dictionaries carefully! DO NOT use a translator program! Please double space or triple space when typing.

You will present this activity to the class orally when school starts.
You may not simply read the essay out loud!
Visuals may be used if they help you when presenting, but are not necessary.

2. Find an article about a German (any German speaking country) current event. Summarize the article and present your own   opinion about the event.  Follow the parameters for length and presentation listed above for choice #1.  The following links to German newspapers/ tv networks may help you. There are many more resources that you can find on the internet.

II.           MUSIK – Everyone does this option.

This assignment should be fun! Find a German song that is current (last 2-3 years) and popular in Germany. Copy the lyrics from an online source and print out. Find out a bit about the artist and be prepared to tell the class. Why do you like the song? What descriptive adjectives would you use to describe it? (German, please!)

Check and see if the song will come up on Spotify. If it does, no need to save to a flash drive or to burn a CD. Bring your lyrics copy and I will make copies for the whole class.

We will spend some time periodically during first term hearing a song and getting to know new artists.



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