AP Exam Registration and Payment Information

HSMSE AP Registration Form 2017 (1)

 Pay for AP Exams online at the HSMSE Webstore!


New for 2017! We will be able to accept electronic payments via the HSMSE Webstore!

The processing fee for the regularly priced exam ($93) will be $5.72 per exam.

The processing fee for an approved reduced price exam ($13) will be $1.25 per exam.

Please print out your receipt and submit it to the Guidance Secretary Ms. Ortiz or Mr. Klein.   We will also collect your registration form when we visit the AP classes on March 20th and 21st.

You may also pay the AP exam fees with a Money Order or Cashier’s Check. HSMSE is not permitted to accept personal checks or cash. Please address all Money Orders or Bank Checks to “HSMSE” and please write down the student’s name and the name of the exams the student is taking.

Number of Exams Amount of Full Payment Amount of Fee Reduction Payment*
1 $93 $13
2 $186 $26
3 $279 $39

*Not including online, money order, or cashier’s check processing fees.

Registration for AP Exams:

Whether you choose to pay for the AP Exams online or with a money order or cashier’s check, you will need to complete and sign the last page of this form to register for AP exams.

To facilitate the collection of payment and the registration forms, Mr. Klein will visit all AP courses on Monday, March 20th, and Tuesday, March 21st to collect the Registration Form and payment.       Students taking multiple exams will only submit one registration form and payment.

Students who do not bring in the forms to their AP courses will need to submit the form and payment to Ms. Ortiz or Mr. Klein by Wednesday, March 22nd or they may not be able to take AP exams this year.   If paying for these exams presents a financial hardship, please see Mr. Klein immediately.

For online payments, please attach your receipt with the Registration Form!!!

2017 AP Exam Schedule

  Exam Grades to take exam* Day & Date Time
AP Computer Science A 12 (only) Tuesday, May 2 7:00 AM
AP German Language & Culture 12 Friday, May 5 7:00 AM
AP Statistics 12 Wednesday, May 17 7:00 AM
  AP Environmental Science 10, 12 Wednesday, May 17 12:00 PM
AP Calculus AB 12 Thursday, May 18 7:00 AM
AP Calculus BC 12 Thursday, May 18 7:00 AM
AP Computer Science A 11 (only) Thursday, May 18 7:00 AM
AP World History 10 Thursday, May 18 7:00 AM
AP Chemistry 12 Thursday, May 18 12:00 PM
  AP English Literature 11 Friday, May 19 7:00 AM
AP Physics C: Mechanics 12 Friday, May 19 12:00 PM

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