College Counseling

HSMSE students are successful in college and beyond.

Developing, nurturing and guiding our students

Helping students to attain their highest potential begins as soon as they enter their first class at HSMSE. Our faculty which is comprised of professional engineers, scientists, corporate executives, college professors, and other dynamic educators is uniquely qualified and dedicated to prepare students for an outstanding college experience. Furthermore, the breadth and rigor of our curriculum has produced students who are highly successful in college.

College counseling starts in the ninth grade

Early on, HSMSE students begin to take advanced and college-level courses that enable them to foster the intellectual capabilities necessary to gain admission to the top colleges in the world. Students, through meetings with guidance counselors, faculty mentors, grade advisors, and even student mentors (i.e. Big Siblings) will begin to nurture their aptitudes and interests. Ninth grade students are also encouraged to become involved in extra-curricular, academic, community service, and athletic activities to enhance their high school experience and to foster their own development. HSMSE also provides its students with many opportunities to participate in after-school and summer academic and research experiences to expand their knowledge of a particular area while working under the tutelage of leaders in their respective fields. During sophomore year, students will further their learning of their personal and academic strengths and will explore the academic tracks (Advanced Engineering, Math Major, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Bio-Medical Research Program) they wish to pursue in 11th and 12th grades.

A comprehensive college counseling program begins in the 11th grade

During the fall semester, all juniors are encouraged to participate in senior-level programs including lunch-time workshops and visits from college representatives. The first week of the Juniors’ spring semester initiates the beginning of a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to examine their individual interests, aptitudes, and needs; explore the various colleges, college majors, and academic programs; and to learn how to successfully complete all aspects of the college application process. Juniors and their families begin their focused approach by participating in many activities and events designed to inform them of particular strategies and techniques to applying and getting admitted to the colleges of their choice. These activities and events which will continue throughout their Senior year include:

  • Individual family and student meetings
  • Family and student presentations
  • Small-Group college counseling sessions
  • Interactive workshops to teach students how to various aspects of the college application process including:
    • Examining your Individual Interests and Aptitudes
    • Using your Brag Sheet to Craft you College Essay & Resume
    • Writing Excellent and Effective Essays
    • Using the Online Common Application to Apply to Colleges
    • Analyzing Case Studies & Compare Colleges
    • Making the Most of Your College Campus Visit
    • Imperative Interview Preparation and other Techniques to Enable Admissions Representatives to Know and Love You!
    • What I Had Wish I had Known (presented by members of the senior class)
  • College Trips
  • HSMSE-sponsored college fair
  • Meetings with college representatives
  • On-campus college interviews
  • Interactive workshops to assist students transition to college
  • College Preparatory Handbook
  • Calendar to assist students stay on task
  • HSMSE-sponsored SAT and ACT prep
  • Financial aid presentations
  • Individual family and student meetings to assist families analyze the financial aid packages and select colleges
  • Financial Aid Handbook and worksheets
  • Frequent newsletters informing the HSMSE community of college-related events, programs, and information
  • Frequent postings the HSMSE website, PTA email, messaging through the HSMSE online grading system, and Facebook.

At HSMSE, these events are coordinated by the Director of College Services ( to assist our families’ choose the college that best “fits” their children’s academic, personal, familial, and financial needs.

College Office

Baskerville Hall, Room B20
Mr. Wade Klein
11th & 12th Grades Grade Counselor
Director of College Services

Ms. Candie Patterson
9th & 10th Grade Counselor
Special Education

Ms. Ivette Ortiz
Counseling Dept. Assistant


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