AP Testing Schedule

HSMSE AP Registration Form 2016



Exam Grades to
take exam*
Day & Date Time
AP Calculus AB 12 Thursday, May 5 7:00 am
AP Calculus BC 12 Thursday, May 5 7:00 am
AP Chemistry 12 Thursday, May 19 12:00 pm
AP Computer Science A 11, 12 Thursday, May 19 7:00 am
AP English Literature 11 Friday, May 20 7:00 am
AP Environmental Science 10 & 12 (AP German) Monday, May 2 7:00 am
AP Environmental Science 11 & 12 Wednesday, May 18 7:00 am
AP German Language & Culture 12 Wednesday, May 18 7:00 am
AP Physics C: Mechanics 12 Friday, May 20 12:00 pm
AP World History 10 Wednesday, May 18 12:00 pm

*Individual student schedules may differ

PLEASE NOTE: HSMSE is opting to administer most of the AP Exams during the late testing schedule.  However, due to scheduling conflicts with other AP exams, all students taking the AP Calculus AB & BC exams, 12th graders taking the AP German Exam, and the 10th graders who are taking the AP Environmental Science exam will take these exams during the regular testing schedule.


It is expected that students enrolled in an AP class will take the AP exam in that course.  Therefore, students who do not take the AP Exam in their AP course, will have the AP designation and weighted grade removed from their transcript.  For example, AP English Literature (11th grade) students who do not take the AP Literature and Composition Exam will have the title of the course on their transcript changed to English 11.

Cost, Fee Reductions, & Payments

The cost of each exam is $92.  Based on New York State and College Board regulations, only those students who have qualify for free or reduced priced lunch may pay the reduced rate of $12 per exam.  Additionally, those students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch, will also be qualified to receive fee waivers for SAT exams, SAT Subject tests, ACT exams, and college applications.

You may still apply for a free or reduced price lunch to receive the reduced fee for AP Exams and the fee waivers for College Board exams and college applications!  To apply, please visit either of these websites.  www.ApplyForLunch.com or www.nyc.gov/accessnyc.   Paper applications are no longer valid.   For next year, please apply for free and reduced price lunch in September 2016!

Please submit this signed form and payment to Ms. Ortiz, the Guidance Department Assistant.
Money orders or cashier’s checks only!.  Cash and personal checks cannot be accepted.  Please address all money orders and cashier’s checks to: “HSMSE.”  Important: Write the student’s name, grade and the exams that he/she is taking on the payment!

Number of Exams Amount of Full Payment* Amount of Fee Reduction Payment
1 $92 $12
2 $184 $24
3 $276 $36

Information on each Money Order or Bank Check:

1. Address payment to: “HSMSE” (240 Convent Ave, NY, NY 10031)

2. Name of Student

3. Name of all the AP exams student is taking

If you do not qualify for a fee waiver, please submit page 2 of this form with payment or speak with Mr. Klein about payment arrangements. We realize that taking AP exams are expensive, but are a very important component of the college admissions process. It is usually a cost effective means of earning college credit because attaining a “passing” grade on the AP exams enables students to get college credit that is worth thousands of dollars.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. I. Ortiz, Guidance Department Assistant, iortiz@hsmse.org, 212-281-6490 ext. 5200 Mr. Wade Klein, School Counselor, wklein@hsmse.org,  212-281-6490 ext. 5240

College Office

Baskerville Hall, Room B20
Mr. Wade Klein
11th & 12th Grades Grade Counselor
Director of College Services

Ms. Candie Patterson
9th & 10th Grade Counselor
Special Education

Ms. Ivette Ortiz
Counseling Dept. Assistant


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