Make a Donation

Thank you for your support of the HSMSE PTA Family Fund. Your donation will have a profound impact on our children and their educational experience. Donations to the Family Fund campaign continue to be the best way to directly benefit students at HSMSE. The suggested annual donation per family is $600.   We have made it even easier to give by enabling recurring donations on a monthly or quarterly basis as an alternative to a single contribution. It is the PTA’s goal to have 100% participation, so please give what you can afford.

The PTA of HSMSE supports the school in many ways. The PTA funds most clubs and sports at HSMSE, underwrites curricular materials, teacher training, special events and parties. The PTA ensures that no student will be turned away from an event if he or she can’t afford to participate.

Donations and Matching Gifts

Tax-deductible donations can be made by check or online. We use NY Charities to securely process all online donations made with a major credit card.  NY Charities is supports non-profit organization to process secure internet e-commerce transactions.  An automated email will be sent to you by NY Charities in acknowledgement of your tax-deductible contribution to the HSMSE PTA.

Checks should be hand-delivered to the school located at Baskerville Hall, 240 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031.

Matching Gifts

Does your employer make matching gifts to charities? The PTA of HSMSE is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the IRS and is eligible for matching gifts. Our federal tax ID number is 11-3671895.

You can now make your family donation to HSMSE PTA via NY Charities – just click the button below.

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