German Fundraiser Update


Thank you to Kim Beck and Oliver Will for hosting the fun and lively HSMSE Winzerfest! We enjoyed Riesling, German beers, wurst and Spätzle. The evening topped off with delicious Black Forest cupcakes. HSMSE parents clearly had a great time, because many stayed well past closing time!

To date, we have raised $9500, which buys us 126 classes of Dr. Jan Emerson’s help and brings her involvement in the classroom to the end of March. If we would like to keep Dr. Emerson through the end of the year, we will need to raise about $6500 more. Dr. Emerson is aware this and is working with Ms. Slater to make sure the 9th and 10th grade German classes are set up for success beyond her involvement.

It was a treat to meet Dr. Emerson at the event! She shared with parents what her impact has been in the classroom and how she’s working with Ms. Slater. She will also be available at the next PTA meeting on Thursday, February 8th, to meet all parents and address any questions.

There is still time to donate, and each $75 is another opportunity to have Dr. Emerson in the classroom. Please give what you can.


$75 will cover one unit of instruction
$150 will cover two units of instruction
$300 will cover four units of instruction
$750 will cover one full week of instruction
$3000 will fund one whole month of additional instruction.

Thank you for your support of HSMSE and our German language program! 

Donations can also be made by check, please indicate “German Program” on the check. Mail checks and employer matching forms to:

Baskerville Hall
240 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

All donations to the HSMSE PTA are tax deductible.
Please visit http://www.hsmse.org/parents/pta/ for more information on giving and employer matching.

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