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High School students are some of the busiest people in the world.
To get the most from all you do, you must be in control of your time. Otherwise important decisions that affect your everyday life (i.e. sports, a job, a significant other, family obligations) will be decided for you. Your success in high school depends on your use of time. While you probably have not control over when your classes are scheduled, you do have control of the rest of your time.

Here are some important things to remember.

  • Begin each semester by filling in a master schedule; use weekly and daily schedules to help you manage your time.
  • Keep a date book and write down all class assignment.
  • Establish a regular time and place for study.
  • If you have a study hall during school. USE IT!!
  • Use daylight hours to study whenever possible.
  • Review your notes for a few minutes, every day.
  • Take breaks. Don’t schedule marathon study session.
  • Use flash cards or summary sheets, when available, it allows you to use odd times to study.
  • If possible, schedule study time with a partner
  • Don’t Waste Time Agonizing.
  • Keep Things in Perspective. Setting goals that are unrealistic sets you up for failure.

Teens and Sleep Deprivation – Make Time for Sleep and Homework


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