HSMSE College Preparatory Handbook 2016-2017

Dear HSMSE Seniors and Families:

Please download the most current version of the HSMSE College Prep Handbook 2016-2017!  Inside you will find a very comprehensive guide of fact, procedures, strategies, and encouragement to successfully complete the college application process!

Please remember to send your completed Brag Sheets to all of your letter of recommendation writers, your Guidance Intern, and Mr. Klein by September 1st!

Also, please name your Brag Sheet in this format: (Last Name, First Name Brag Sheet 2017)

Please read the HSMSE College Office Newsletter!

HSMSE Guidance Department Schedule Fall 2016

Junior and Senior Intern Caseloads

Intern Email
Senior Caseload
Junior Caseload
Karla Casado-Sanchez
A. Abir – J. Haque
S. Acosta – M. Greenblatt
Gabriella Hatzopoulos
M. L. Natt Y. Hernandez
J. Gurung – C. Calvin
Michele Lau
K. Ni – S. Zheng
K. Nikolov – W. Zheng


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