Mission and Vision

Teamwork on a physics project.

Teamwork on a physics project.

The High School for Math, Science and Engineering (HSMSE) at The City College of New York is a unique and unparalleled, collaborative, educational experience in which talented students are challenged to expand their intellect and to develop the habits of inquiry, expression, critical thinking, problem seeking as well as problem solving, research and presentation. The academically rigorous learning environment will focus on math, science and engineering while emphasizing civic responsibility and the value of knowledge for its own intrinsic reward.

All members of our learning community: staff, students, parents and affiliated partners, will develop the ability to access and analyze information, to view the world through multiple perspectives, to make connections and see patterns across disciplines, and to imagine the unimaginable.

Our graduates are expected to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, persuasive citizens who are prepared to take full advantage of the plethora of opportunities available in the nation’s most prestigious universities, the workplace, and far beyond.


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