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The importance of an internship cannot be over emphasized. For a HSMSE junior or senior, an internship can make you stand out in the college admissions process and enable you to make more informed decisions about your future. An internship will help you:

✔ Gain Valuable Work Experience


  • A meaningful internship will give you the opportunity to get real-world experience in a field of interest.
    This experience will help you stand out when applying to college, your next internship or a future job.

✔ Gain Insight into a Career Field


  • A meaningful internship will allow you to gain valuable insights into the ‘tricks of the trade.’
    You will be able to witness the day to day activities of professionals in that field and what it might be
    like to choose that field as a career. You will gain an understanding of how your academic studies translate
    into practical application.

✔ Prove Your Capabilities


  • A meaningful internship will give you the opportunity to assist with projects and support business operations.
    Successfully accomplishing these tasks proves your ability to function in the work place and these experiences
    will help you stand out in the college admission process. They also become valuable line items on your resume.

✔ Build a Network


  • A meaningful internship is a G-R-E-A-T opportunity for you to meet industry professionals and make new connections,
    building a foundation ‘network’ of professionals.

Dear HSMSE Students,

This location will be the home of all internship opportunities. Please check periodically to see what opportunities are available. Internships are posted daily. All documents are in pdf and/or doc format. Please read all Internship Notices very carefully to make sure that you qualify. Follow all instructions given and meet specified deadline. If you have any questions you can email me. If the internship opportunity requires that you fill out the Student Application, make sure that you fill out the application completely. You must attach a resume, transcript and copy of working papers. Working papers can be submitted at a later time if you don’t have them. If you are selected to participate in an internship, please notify us via email.

Mr. Sean Dolcy  –

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