Student Government

Student Government at the High School of Math, Science and Engineering at City College has three components.
1. Class Co-Presidents.
The first component is that each grade has two co-presidents. Candidates run as a team, the elections for Sophomore, Junior, Senior are held in the spring for the following year. Freshmen elections are held a few months after school starts so that they can meet and get to know each other before deciding to run and who to vote for. The grades do not have positions for vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or other positions, only the co-presidents.
2. The School Leadership Team, “SLT”
The second component of student government is the School Leadership Team, or simply “SLT.” This is a mandated structure from New York Department of Education. Included in the team are administrators, teachers, students, and parents. The two student representatives are distinct from the class co-presidents. One is a senior, the other a junior who is recommended by the graduating senior and approved by the principal. There are five teacher representatives. The parent representatives are the PTA president and one or two additional parent(s) elected at the PTA meetings. SLT meetings are held once per month to discuss issues important to the entire school community. As dictated by the New York Department of Education, the SLT must compile and approve the school’s annual “Comprehensive Educational Plan” and advise the Principal on major budgetary issues. The SLT serves as a regular forum for school-wide issues where everyone has an equal voice. Visitors are welcome to attend and the minutes of the meetings are posted on the school’s website. Parents can propose agenda items through the PTA president.
3. Leadership Class
The third component of Student Government is the elective class “Student Government/Leadership” (GLS11). Class co-presidents and SLT reps are highly encouraged to enroll in this class unless they have a major requirement at the same time, and the class is open to other students from Sophomore year up. In this course students focus on leadership skills and event planning to encourage school spirit and raise money. Topics include proper execution and evaluation of events and fundraisers, proposal writing, group communication, ethics, and methods of persuasion. Leadership skills of all enrolled in this class are advanced, and the responsibilities for each grade’s activities are fulfilled by all the students in the Leadership class.
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