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Special Education

HSMSE is aligned to NYS and NYC special education guidelines.  Our special education teachers support students with Individualized Education Programs by working with small groups, collaborating with general education teachers, and scheduling and holding IEP meetings.  Related service providers also support students through the services mandated on their IEP.
The special education team at HSMSE is comprised of: 
  • Ms. Patterson: School Counselor and Special Education Coordinator
  • Ms. Rasuk: Special Education Teacher and Co-Coordinator
  • Mr. Salisbury: Special Education Teacher and Co-Coordinator
  • Ms. Lopez: SBST Social Worker
  • Ms. Williams: School Psychologist
504 Accommodations:
Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires public schools to offer accommodations for eligible students with disabilities. These accommodations help students with special health needs to participate in New York City Department of Education (DOE) programs and activities on an equal basis with their peers who do not have disabilities.  To learn more about 504 accommodations, please contact Ms. Patterson.
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