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Internship and Service Hours

At HSMSE, each student is expected to complete 200 hours of community service before graduation. Students who meet this requirement will have their High School Diploma endorsed by HSMSE. View our Graduation Requirements for additional information.
The voluntary action of an individual or group of individuals without pay
- Community Service Definition, HSMSE
Fulfilling the 200 hours of community service is a way to build social and communication skills, be a good citizen, give back to your community, and develop your leadership skills. Completing this requirement also helps students gain experience in the working world.
All service hours must be recorded. Students who volunteer at HSMSE can use the time log above.
Service hours completed outside of HSMSE must be documented on letterhead from the organization you volunteered at with a description of the service you performed and how many hours you completed. Include a contact person on the letter and keep a copy for your records.
All community service hours should be given to Ms. Ortiz in room B20.
Contact Ms. Ortiz for questions at [email protected]


Internships are a great way to learn about different careers. As an intern, you will work for a company or organization and gain hands-on and practical experience you can use for future jobs. You can also list any internships on your resume and college applications.