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COVID Reporting Procedures


STEP 1: Submit COVID Form

  • Complete the Student Survey for Positive COVID Test
  • Note: All positive test results can be submitted. (For example, from a PCR test, a rapid test or an At-Home Test.
  • You may have difficulty uploading your COVID test document/photo in the survey.  Should this happen, please complete the rest of the form & email your positive test result, along with your name and your OSIS Number to Ivette Ortiz at [email protected]

STEP 2Communicate your absence

  • Email your teachers to communicate about work while you are absent.

 STEP 3Isolation Period

  • Students who test positive MUST isolate for 5 days AFTER the day the positive test was taken and can return to school on Day 6.  You will receive an email indicating the date of return to school.

If you have any questions specific to COVID DOE Protocol feel free to contact Robin Bennett at [email protected]